Kevlar Gloves

Kevlar Gloves




Double knitted glove without seams.


Outer glove woven in twarón aramid fiber and inner glove woven in cotton. Both gloves are sewn on the tips of the fingers with a twarón thread and joined at the cuff by an overlock stitch.
It is indicated for the manipulation of objects at high temperatures, manipulation of sharp objects, furnaces, autoclaves, the automotive industry, glass, metal, aluminum, rubber and plastic. And in general where good mechanical and thermal protection is required. Do not use when wet.

All MANACA MEDICAL® products imported by Erabaki 2010, have CE marking, issued by notified bodies complying with European directives 93/42 / EEC.
Erabaki 2010, is the exclusive supplier of Anaconda Nautical S.L, a manufacturer and marketer of nautical products aimed at solving the damage caused in launching maneuvers by crane slings and specialized in high-quality nautical sheets adapted for use on board.
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