Paracenthesis Set

Paracenthesis Set


PAR 001


Fluid collection kit with 10 liter bag, connection tube with three-way stopcock, 50 cm3 syringe and puncture needle with outer sheath flexible with passive safety device.


Perfectly adapted ergonomic grip, its design makes it easy to hold on the patient's bed.

Three-way stopcock for simple and correct process handling. Product in accordance with European products 93/42 / ECC, ISO 13845 CE marking of medical devices.

Class 2 a sterile.

Latex free and phthalate free.

Group included to cut the liquid flow.

Cannula 4 with safety device, puncture needle with passive safety system from the Japanese firm NIPRO.

POLYURETHANE (PUR) material, flexible and latex free.

Biocompatible and thermosensitive that softens at body temperature. Syringe for liquid and sample extraction.

High quality bag with 10 liters capacity.

All MANACA MEDICAL® products imported by Erabaki 2010, have CE marking, issued by notified bodies complying with European directives 93/42 / EEC.
Erabaki 2010, is the exclusive supplier of Anaconda Nautical S.L, a manufacturer and marketer of nautical products aimed at solving the damage caused in launching maneuvers by crane slings and specialized in high-quality nautical sheets adapted for use on board.
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