Wound retractors

Wound retractors


C8400 (XS), C8401(S), C8302 (M), C8303 (L), C8304 (XL), C8305 (XXL).


Device that allows the surgeon to access the abdominal cavity through an atraumatically retracted wound, providing maximum exposure with minimum incision size.


It is indicated for endoscopic surgery and open surgery, especially for laparoscopic surgery, during the extraction of pieces in the absence of pneumoperitoneum. Provides clear exposure, protects wounds from contamination, and reduces complications.

The Manaca Medical disposable wound retractor consists of an outer ring, an inner ring and a channel.

Each part can be deformed longitudinally and radially by applying slight force, when the force ceases, elastic recovery occurs. Provides maximum exposure for a clean operative field, the canal isolates the incision site from the abdominal viscera to reduce complications. Surgeons should use different wound retractors, depending on the location and size of the incision.

All MANACA MEDICAL® products imported by Erabaki 2010, have CE marking, issued by notified bodies complying with European directives 93/42 / EEC.
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